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    10th Ranger Regiment

    Unit Rules and Regulations

    Official Document - Published 08/11/2019 04:57 PM



    1.1: Behavior

    While on TeamSpeak, in the game, Discord, or the website all members of 10thRR will be treated with respect even if you dislike them. Any escalation could result in both parties being punished for various reasons. If you have a problem with anything please follow the COC and refraim from keeping it out of the game. 


    1.2: Racism

    Any racism in the unit will not be allowed in the game, TeamSpeak, or on the website. This pertains to patches also. If you want to be racist take it to your own Teamspeak or Discord.


    1.3: Chain of Command

    Anything pertaining to the unit must follow the chain of command. Example someone shouldn’t go straight to company command and follow the COC. Team Leader>Squad Leader>Platoon SGT>Platoon Leader>Company SGT>Company XO> Company Commander. Not following the COC will result in a warning then a punishment if it continues to happen.


    1.4: Teamkilling

    Under no circumstances will team killing be tolerated on any server associated with the 10thRR. Not even as self defence or as a joke. First time is a warning and the 2nd time is a kick or cool down from operations. If it continues you will be removed from the 10thRR.


    1.5: Vehicles and Aircrafts policy

    Only SSG+ may take wheeled vehicles on base to use for training or to get to a training area. Airmen may only take MRZRs to go to their helicopters and are the only ones who may fly their designated aircraft. Don’t suicide bomb vehicles or purposely crash them.


    1.6: Usage of enemy assets

    Unless given explicit permission from your superior under certain circumstances. EX; Using a ZU to take down an enemy Hind, using the TOW missile on a BMP to take down enemy armor, using a DSHK emplacement to take down a large group of enemy’s.


    1.7: Advertising Rule

    Any form of advertising for any other clan or community will be an automatic removal from the 10thRR without questions.


    1.8: Operations/ Attendance & LOAs

    If you can't make an operation fill in an LOA. Two operations without an LOA will be an automatic moved to reserves. This goes for constant LOAs if you are constantly putting in LOAs you will be moved to reserves so someone else can take the position. 15 minutes before an operation lock it up and shut up so platoon and company can do last-minute changes to the operation. 


    1.9: Drama

    In the 10thRR do not cause drama, if you have a problem keep it out of discord and go straight to your higher up and don’t cause a scene. We are all here to have fun and not get at each other's throat.


    1.10: Orders

    Listen to orders. If an order is given please do it do not make us repeat our self four to five times before you do it. If an order is bad follow the order and come to a higher-up after the operation.


    2.1: Loadouts

    Only used the approved gear in your loadout. All approved gear is on our public roster. Do not pick up enemy gear at all. If you need ammo ask someone for ammo or get a resupply from air elements. You must use the equipment doc on the roster to make your loadout anything not on that doc must be approved by the Company XO/Commander.