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Debrief Shootings

Imagine this: You are but a lowly infantry private, waiting through Jeff's monotone droning as he explains to the whole unit the exact way armor will be infiltrating the second objective. You are bored, you are tired, why are you here at 8PM? Suddenly, your endless daydreaming is interrupted as a suppressed M249 rains hell unto command, ripping through them indiscriminately. The shooting then turns to the regular peasants; your squad leader falls, your team leader takes three 5.56 rounds to the chest in rapid succession. The shooting is cut short as a brave private fights fire with fire, ending the life of the disgruntled grunt with a precision mag dump in his general direction. The bullets have stopped but the chaos continues. Grenades are thrown, the RTO laughs, and tears are streaming down Shubert's face. Jeff regains consciousness as the Designated 13-Year-Old in Command screams those sacred words: "BAN HIM BAN HIM". What situation am I describing here? For those who have been in the unit for longer than 2 weeks, I am describing the Debrief Shooting that occurred August 10th. There were a few questions on people's minds regarding this event. 1. Who was this accelerationist hero?  Unfortunately, this information has been lost to time. All that remains is his weapon of choice and his fate; b&. 2. Why was nothing done to prevent or stop this shooter before the event occurred? Simple. No one was expecting this event. No one knew it was going to happen and as such, didn't do anything to stop it. 3. What has been done to prevent further acts of unit terrorism? Nothing. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope you enjoyed this historical and factual retelling of one of the most infamous events in this unit's history.      




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